The image of the Japanese girl with violin was scanned from a picture postcard (c. 1905)  and comes from Okinawa Soba’s photostream.  Many thanks for sharing!

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Author photo by Upload Studio, Tokyo.

The cover for the book was designed by Solomon Wija, Leipzig.

Recordings and Sheet Music of the Works Performed at My Book Launch

Nobu KOHDA’s sonatas:
Nihon josei sakyokka no ayumi – vaiorin sakuhin (Japanese female composers, violin works; Chihiro INDA vn, Mariko HORIE, pf) Mittenwald MTWD 99038.

Mittenwald is a small company in Tokyo (despite the name) specializing in the recording of works by Japanese composers, particularly violin and chamber works. e-mail:

KISHI’s short violin pieces:
Koichi KISHI, Sonata for Violin and Piano; Compositions for Violin and Piano (played by Masayuki KINO vn, Mami KINO pf) Mittenwald MTWD 99013.

Michio MIYAGI:
There are numerous recordings of Haru no umi (Sea in Springtime) in the original version for shakuhachi and koto: you can also find the piece on Youtube.

For the version with Renée Chemet and the composer:
Miyagi Michio (by the Japan Traditional Music Foundation) VZCP-1101.

The “Chemet version” of Haru no umi was transcribed by a member of the Archives of Modern Japanese Music at Meiji Gakuin University Library

The other sheet music:
Nobu KOHDA, Two Sonatas for Violin and Piano (edited by Shin-ichiro IKEBE), Tokyo: zen-on music,2006. ISBN 4-11-338004-X

Kishi Koichi (Koichi KISHI), Tsuki (Moon), Senpu no uta (Sailor’s Air) as well as his other four short violin pieces are published individually by Konan Gakuen (the school he went to).

Photos taken at the launch by Anura Thamardt.

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